Like slate roofing, tile roofing can enhance the beauty of a home while allowing it to stand out some from homes around it. Tile roofing can be made of clay, cement, or stone materials, so there are many colors and styles from which to choose.

Tile roofing is especially resistant to harsh weather conditions, including hurricanes and other extremes. It is also fireproof, which is of significant appeal in our area. Tile roofing’s durability makes the initial investment worth every penny.

While most often associated with the traditional Mediterranean or Spanish styles of roofing, it is important to note that tile roofing is now available in a much wider variety of materials profiles to make it appealing to all different styles of roof. There is truly an option for everyone’s aesthetic preferences with tile roofing.

As with all our materials offerings, All Type maintains valuable relationships with the best roofing materials suppliers to ensure the best selection of colors and styles in tile roofing. We will always work with you to find the right materials at the right price for you.

Benefits of Tile Roofing for Residential Roofing:

  • Aesthetic preference
  • Variety in color and style
  • Enhanced air circulation
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Durability
  • High value for home resale
  • Long life expectancy
  • Fire resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Structural stability

All Type has the expertise, the supplier partnerships, and the professionalism to get your tile roofing installed with excellent craftsmanship.

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